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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an exciting and timely trend in health care that provides a solution to the high cost of health care and a refreshingly new experience at your clinician’s office.  DPC provides a way to offer patients comprehensive quality primary services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care, chronic disease management and care coordination in exchange for a flat, affordable, recurring retainer fee that is typically billed to patients on a monthly or annual basis.

How does DPC differ from traditional healthcare?

The ability to spend more time interacting with and educating patients and providing ongoing follow-up services is at the heart of the patient-centered care provided in DPC practices. The practices also often use virtual visits, discounted pricing on labs, medicines, tests and procedures, and same and next day appointments to give easy access.

Can I use my insurance at Alpha Health & Wellness, DPC?

While it is important to have insurance in the case of emergency, hospitalization, surgery or other high- cost health care, DPC practices often help you save on your out of pocket expenses for primary care and therefore, don’t bill your insurance for your DPC services.

Do I have to be a patient member to be seen at Alpha Health & Wellness, DPC?

We do reserve a few appointments each day for walk-in urgent care and preventive wellness consultations. However, we would love to have you as a patient member.

Why pay for DPC if I have health insurance?

As of January 1,2019, there is no longer an individual mandate to have health insurance. However, many patients use health sharing ministries that pay for the DPC membership or have high deductible health plans to pay for emergencies and still have enough to cover their DPC membership fee for most other health care issues. The bottom line is that you will likely pay less out of pocket for health care expenses being a patient at AHAW, DPC practice than if you use your insurance at a traditional practice.

If I am young and healthy, why should I pay for a DPC membership?

Healthcare is important for you to have in case you get sick and even if you are just having your annual physical exam or pap smear. The cost of going to the emergency room would typically be higher than the annual membership fee for access to quality health care at AHAW.

The wellness program at AHAW can help you prevent the onset of symptoms and problems and help you feel your best.

Do you treat children?

Yes we do have youth memberships for infants and  children up to 17 years old. At AHAW, children receive well-child, school and sports physicals as part of their preventative care. We believe healthy lifestyle starts day one.